Possible Animation Soundtracks

Recently I’ve been thinking about what sort of music/soundtrack would best fit in accompanying the animation, as it would help aid with the flow of the narrative that I want to tell. The viewers should feel a sense of nostalgia even if they have never encountered these wondrous beings before; there is a sense of joy in seeing the vibrant colours displayed by the corals, but at the same time an inevitable tragic end looms over their liveliness. In the end, only the dull, bleached skeletons remain on the floor, and a ghostly goodbye dissolves in the air.

I went to look at a couple of royalty free music sites for some inspiration, and realised that a calming and sombre piano type of soundtrack has the mood that I wanted for the animation. There is a really nice natural flow about the piano compositions and there is a sense of loss and mystery to this genre of soundtrack, which funny enough reminds me of the sea, too!

Here is a list of the soundtracks I have picked:

from Bensound.com

Better Days

Sad Day



from Purple Planet Music



(these two tracks can be found here)


from Longzijun Music


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